Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Victory is mine! Grendel's arm is now hanging from the rafters of Herot as a sign of my triumph! I had no doubt that I would win, even though Holaf lost his life. He was a good man and his family will be rewarded.

Grendel thought he could win by putting a spell on our weapons, but we fooled him! We fought him without swords or knives. My strength was too much for him and he was frightened from the beginning. He left a bloody trail back to his home under the swamp where he died in agony, which he deserved.

Welthow, Hrothgar's exquisite queen, led the people in singing my praises. I have never seen a happier kingdom than the Danes now that the evil descendant of Cain is dead!

It is time to return home. We will collect our belongings and head home to the Land of the Geats.

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Our arrival

After arriving at King Hrothgar's kingdom, we were greeted with open arms, even though the drunk, murderer Unferth did not believe my stories of Brecca and our swimming match. After the traditional toasts and feast, we were given a tour of Herot, the sight of many murders by that evil villain Grendel. It is a beautiful hall during the day, but at night it sits empty. What a shame! That will soon end, though.

I have asked Hrothgar to let us fight Grendel alone. His numbers have dwindled to almost nothing, and his men are so weak, that I believe it is the right thing to do. I have planned the battle in my mind, and know that at least one of my men will have to be sacrificed. Who shall it be?

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I am Beowulf

I am Beowulf. Everyone says I am a hero, so I have determined that I will go to the aide of Hrothgar. That king of the Danes seems weak to let his men be killed and his country overrun for 12 long winters.

I heard of their need when I listened to the scop at the feast last week, then consulted with the seers and advisers for their advice. They have agreed that it is the best thing to do.

Fourteen of our best warriors will be going with me to fight this fiend Grendel. He will never be able to escape us. We are the strongest, bravest men in the world. Soon the Danes will be able to continue celebrating in Herot, their mead hall.

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